Sunset Waves

There is a bit of imagination at play here, as it is a picture of waves crashing on the rocks in a way that I can only envision.  No photo to go with this one.

Sunset Waves
Acrylic on canvas 20" x 16"

Bathing Birds

This is probably one of my first "successfull" acrylic projects.  Birds bathing in our backyard.

Bathing Birds
Acrylic on Canvas  14' X 11"

Lone Wolf

I like the sense of solitude that this picture gives me.

Lone Wolf
Oil on Canvas  18" x 24"

Wet Pasture

I was inpired to do this painting by the local Spinner & Weavers Club as they had chosen me to be their "feature artist".  The idea was that they would create a shawl using the colors in one of my paintings.  Ironically they chose a different painting, the the results were amazing.

Wet Pasture
Acrylic on Canvas
16" x 20"


In recent months I have been transitioning from oil based paints to acrylics.
This has created a few challenges, but some of the results    have been rather pleasing.  

It has come to my attention & to my dismay, that I haven't done any blogging in ages.
Excuses - many.
But nevermind, I'll get back at it starting today!   
I have been busy changing my painting mediam from oils to acrylics - so will be posting some of my new art shortly.

Winter Mini Scenes

Then in keeping with the winter theme  - along comes Christmas.
So one must paint some Christmas scenes - just for fun!

Collection of 4x6" and 5x7" scenes.
Oil on Canvas board.